A Company Motivated by Passion

We are an online store that sells spice blends with the focus of spreading flavor

Spice Squad is a company that was founded by Stefano Dongowski.
I have a strong passion for chemistry: “Chemistry?” you may ask. Well you see, being able to come up with different flavors by combining spices and herbs has always fascinated me with their simplicity and elegance.

You may wonder though, “How does a passion for chemistry and for cooking relate?” Well you see, every food you eat, everything from foie gras to carrots have there own unique molecular structure and combination of oils and fats that make them special. Anyone can mix food and throw it in the oven, but not everyone can ensure that the food that comes out of the oven will make your mouth water just from the smell. That’s what makes it similar to chemistry. In chemistry, you have to know how to make compounds and elements react the way you want them to or else it could have a harmful or maybe even lethal outcome.

Although making sure flavors match isn’t quite as serious as doing a chemistry experiment properly, it is still the sole importance of food. Because if something doesn’t taste good, then why eat it?

When I was really little I was the kid that my parents would always be trying to find things to keep me busy. One way they would is when we were at restaurants, after the server would bring our water, my creating would begin! Grabbing salt, pepper, sugar from a packet, hot sauce, ketchup, whatever was within my reach, I would dump it all in my glass and my “water concoction” was born. Thankfully, I’ve moved past mixing at restaurant tables to cure boredom. The flavors that are released when you mix certain spices and herbs together is a new world for each spice.

The company was my passion but I’ve had the help, support and encouragement from my family. So really it’s a family owned business. Spices, herbs and cooking go hand in hand. I’m grateful I was born in a family where the passion for cooking has touched everyone’s personality in one way or another. We welcome everyone to our website and hope to see you soon on the sign up for our exclusive newsletters!


Meet The Team

Our family:  Angie (mom), Stefano (spice blender), Mark (dad), Sofia (sister)