Mulling Spices


    The Spice Squad Mulling Spice is not a wine-only mix. How about making mulled mead or black tea with this spice mix? Libations to warm the cockles of your heart during a dreary winter.

    This warming blend is made with whole spices so that you can strain them out easily once you finish brewing the drinks. Don’t let that stop you from grinding a few tablespoons and enlivening your winter desserts, like spiced cookies or poached pears with a red wine sauce.

    The Spice Squad Mulling Spice is the definite way to keep your spirits up during winter.


    We grind and blend our spices once-twice a week, which means you get a carefully crafted, freshly-made spice blend every time you buy from Spice Squad. 




    Orange Peel, Cinnamon, Clove, Allspice






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