Things With Wings


That old roast chicken recipe has lost a bit of its charm. You use the Spice Squad Things With Wings to revive the former family favorite. It works wonders – now everyone looks forward to a roast-chicken-dinner night.
Next, you ask the obvious question, is the Spice Squad Things With Wings any good on wings? If the finger-licking is anything to go by, it is.
Encouraged by these successes, you dust this magnificent poultry seasoning over duck breasts, sear them, and make a quick pan sauce to drizzle over. Now the neighborhood bistro wants your recipe.
You keep the Spice Squad Things With Wings hidden in your spice cabinet and tell them it’s a fowl question.



Banish boring chicken recipes and add a touch of sparkle to everyday meals. The Spice Squad Things With Wings is prompt access to a world full of flavor. Our blend will add vibrancy to all poultry dishes, be it a pan-roasted whole quail or a deep-fried turkey leg.

The sharp mustard and tart sun-dried tomatoes make this all-purpose poultry blend suitable forgamier meats such as Guinea fowls, wild duck, and grouse. Anything from a mild squab to a strong-scented pheasant is a contender for this spice blend.

Consider the Spice Squad Things With Wings your invitation to try an array of poultry.



Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Oregano, Sage, Thyme, Rosemary, Garlic, Onion, Mustard, Salt


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